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MK Final Countdown – a countdown in Joomla

MK Final Countdown – this is a great module for installation on your website countdown counter. Can be used as a stub by default for the duration of the technical works and also to draw attention to certain promotions, promotional items, etc. In settings, you can specify the date and time, and choose the circle or square – the theme of the counter (in the future there will be more, however, according to the developer) and the set of messages text color.

MK Final Countdown

This module looks very attractive, which will definitely affect the conversion.
As you can see from the screenshots, the settings you can specify the download of the fonts FontAwesome, date and time, and other parameters.
In order to use this extension, You just need to download it and install it in Joomla.
Beautiful design, fast display – what more do you need?
A free module.
Beautiful fonts.
A huge number of settings.