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Filtrify for K2 filtering of K2 items


Filtrify for K2 is a separate solution for content filtering, which was made by using the K2. Using K2 Filtrify you can search extra fields and filters to your articles.

Filtrify for K2

How to use K2 Filtrify?

The component uses data from HTML5 attributes to store metadata. To create an attribute, you need to obtain additional fields and their values.

There are 2 important things you should know when creating the extra fields and their values:

The name of the secondary field is the name of the filter (panel) that is generated by K2 Filtrify
If you need multiple values for a single field, you must separate them with comma –”,”Example: “Comedy, Thriller, drama”


The number of columns – specify the number of items on 1 row.
Enable jQuery uses this library scripts.
Close panel – enable this option if you want to automatically close filter panel after the selected item.

Filtrify for K2