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The difference between the functions Fill (shading) and Opacity (opacity) in Photoshop

A Photoshop wizard still don’t know the difference between such features of the program, as Opacity and Fill located in the toolbar layers.
Отличие функций Fill

Today we find out the main points in the properties of these components and clearly demonstrate their differences.
So, open any image, for example, with a text label. I gave as an example a photo with the text “Wedding”.
You can, for clarity, to make 2 of the same layer with the text to further make it easier to identify changes.
It is better that the text was filled in some color to see further distinctions (the example uses red).
Go to the layer with text and press the 5 key to reduce the opacity of the layer to 50% or use the slider for this function.
As seen in the above picture, the transparency of the text decreased.
What happens after the reduction of the fill for the same amount – 50%?
Click on the text layer and enter the number 0 to restore the opacity to 100%, then enter Shift + 5 – thus, we reduce the fill value to 50%.
How clearly you can see – absolutely nothing has changed, i.e., did we fill or opacity to a certain number of steps, the result was the same.
So what is actually the difference between these functions?
Consider the same text and the same photo, but now applies styles to text that is going to use overlay effects.
After some manipulation of the layer, we get the following picture:
Produce the exact same actions as before: remove the transparency to 50% for the text layer.
The result is all the same picture: the text, changed the opacity. And now on to the changes of the fill at the same 50% and watch the impact of this effect on the overall look.
In this particular case it changes the opacity of the fill of the text, but not the effects that we used.
Thus, it can be argued that the immediate difference between these options lies in their name: the opacity changes the visibility of the entire layer, while fill only changes the visibility of the color fill layer.

Отличие функций Fill