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How to create favicon in Joomla – Favicon

How to create a favicon in Photoshop was discussed in the previous lesson. Now is the turn to Joomla…

Как создать favicon в Joomla - Favicon

There are plenty of plugins for creating icons site, but only some of them fulfill the functions that we need! About one of them speech in this article. The plugin is called Favicon.
The fact that is sometimes required not only to establish the main icon of the site on all pages, but, for example, for each individual service or domain name to put a separate icon. For these purposes, and serves as a plug-in.
Also a useful feature of this plugin is that support different icon sizes from 16×16 (standard) up to 128×128, which is very important when adding a shortcut that leads to the site Desk. Color depth from 1 bit to 32 bit. 🙂
Favicon supports multiple graphic formats, including PNG, GIF, JPG, and sometimes BMP or XCF! It all depends on your server. The plugin supports transparency in images, but not crop their size, so they must be downloaded in the format you need.
You need to create a file with the. PNG extension. sizes 128×128/48×48/32×32/24×24/16×16, upload them one at a time through the component, and assign the icon by default. It is possible to retain the old icons.
To use a component/plugin in 2 variations:
Using only component you can edit the icon only template. The previous icon remains.
Using a combination of component and plugin, you are able to change a few icons and apply them to the different menus of your site.


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