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How to create a favicon in Photoshop

When you visit any website you may notice a special icon to the left of the page URL. When adding to favorites it automatically appears beside the selected page. How to create favicon icon in Adobe Photoshop will be discussed in this article…
Как создать favicon в Фотошоп

In order to create an icon for the web site, we will need a plugin for Photoshop, which will save the image in ico format.

Download plugin and install it by following the instructions below:

Unpack folder
We can throw the file (or ICOFormat ICOFormat64 – depends on the version of Photoshop (32/64)) with the extension .8bi to a folder X:Program FilesAdobePhotoshop Plug-InsFile Formats (where X is the drive name where you installed the program)
Reloaded Adobe Photoshop

Note: For 64 bit systems, as well as other folders that the program installs all files you need to find the folder X:Photoshop Plug-InsFile Formats (where X is the drive name where you installed the program; Photoshop – folder Photoshop program; and folder File Formats required – there drop in the plugin file, which is downloadable at the above link) .

After you have done the above steps, you should have 2 extensions for saving files in the program are: ICO, CUR. You can read about these formats in Wikipedia.

So, open Adobe Photoshop and create a document 64×64 pixels or less to save subsequently, our ICO file. Work can be any size, the most important thing to remember is that the output file must be 16×16 pixels.

Now we draw or create your own logo, or load the document, selecting the first icon from another site is your own business, how to use the resources. 😉

Further reduce the image, go to menu Image-Image Size and set the value to 16 x 16 pixels.

Then select Save as and on the format menu, find the value *.ICO, name our source file in the favicon stored.

Go ahead…

Now you must place the file favicon.ico to a folder on the server where your site is located. As to the location of the main file (index.html/index.php).

If you did everything correctly, then most browsers will automatically find the icon and it will show to the left of the page URL. However, it is advised to specify the address of the favicon.ico manually directly in the HTML code between the tags .

Clear the browser cache and press F5 so that the changes take effect.