FavContent – beautiful module display information in Joomla


FavContent is easy and relatively quick custom module that will allow multiple images and links to them, so You can arrange a convenient system of content, linking and many more. What, in fact, the advantages of this extension relative to peers? First and foremost is, of course, beautiful transitions, effects and a wonderful display all of the elements. Component added may 23, 2015 – fresh content.

Specially designed for very fine adjustment of the display of items, so it will suit absolutely any design. Supports FontAwesome icons, which gives this module only advantages. There are several types of formats for your design.
A great component to display news articles, just icons and any other material.
Settings do much, but they are arranged in an order that to understand them is simple.
Load a module, include it through the module Manager, set up at their discretion.
Undoubtedly the best of its kind. Only, in my opinion, the disadvantage is that you cannot select specific categories to display content, you must manually insert each of them!
10 display formats.
100 module settings.
Hover effects with CSS3 support.
CSS3 scrolling and loading transitions.


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