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How to remove fat from the abdomen in Photoshop using Liquify filter

Как убрать жир c живота в Фотошоп

Сегодня я научу вас, как убирать жир с боков, бедер, талии и других участков своего тела при помощи программы Adobe Photoshop. Делается это легко, если вы владеете немного фильтром Liqufy, а также не будете слишком усердствовать над телом.

Today I will teach you how to remove fat from flanks, thighs, waist and other areas of the body using Adobe Photoshop. This is done easily if you own a bit of filter Liqufy, and will not be too zealous over the body.
For starters the girl with a curvaceous figure, well, with the convex parts of his body. We need to achieve this effect, to “liposuction” was successful, and on the body there is no trace of skin editing.
Here we go…
Open menu – Filter-Liqufy – (Shift+Ctrl+X) and view its settings.
On the left you can see the basic tools for photo editing. Let’s start from the top down.
Forward Warp Tool (W) – allows you to pull in one side of the object
Reconstruct Tool (R) – returns the previous state of the image
Smooth Tool (E) – smoothes the edges after processing
Twirl Clockwise Tool (C)
Pucker Tool (S) – reduces the image towards the center of the brush
Bloat Tool (B) – adds photo towards the center of the brush
Push Left Tool (O) – left shifts the pixels from the brush after brush diagonally down
Freeze Mask Tool (F) – makes moving the selected object
Thaw Mask Tool (D) – removes freeze
Hand Tool (H)
Zoom Tool (Z)
To the right are additional options we will consider them in more detail in other reviews of this filter.
To remove the extra pounds in the photo, take the first tool Forward Warp Tool (W) and brush size slightly larger diameter of the arms at the edges of the girl. Then you need to practice your skills, not too prominent. If you make a mistake, you can restore the image to its original position using Reconstruct Tool (R). Click OK and see the result.
It became a little better – go ahead…
Apply the filter again, but try to adjust the brush diameter (increase or decrease), and use the tools Pucker Tool (S) and Freeze Mask Tool (F).
Plus use Freeze Mask Tool (F) is that you can “freeze” areas of the body that should not be touched during the edit, and then restore them using a tool Thaw Mask Tool (D). In General, we advise you to view all the settings of this wonderful filter so you will know how to quickly correct a particular part of the body. For example, enable the grid and only then start the fix, so all changes are clearly visible.
After you’re done editing, you can go tool Smooth Tool (E), to give it smoother contours, and use Pucker Tool (S) to further narrow the waist and other parts of the body. Here the main thing – to know the measure and not to overdo it.
Like a perfectly turned out and removed the excess fat on the sides, and also reduced the waist, arms and legs…
If desired, some parts of the body can be increased using the tool Bloat Tool (B), as well as trim the contrast and other settings.
Как убрать жир c живота в Фотошоп