Almost everyone knows about the popular social network Facebook. Also many people install the module of the recommendations from this service on your website. This is what we’ll do today. So, in one of the lessons we have used third-party extension to display links to the recommendations in Joomla. Our today’s lesson is about manually configuring this module using the application from Facebook directly.   Go to the module settings page of suggestions from Facebook.  See the following settings: Domain – here we enter the domain name of your site App ID – here you should specify the application ID Facebook Action – here you define a comma-separated types of action Width – width  Height – height Header – sets the module header Color Scheme – determination of light or dark schemes Target Link – how links are opened Border Color – the border color of the module Font – font selection Get Code show embed code on your website So we make your settings in the module settings and get a code that you can embed in your site. You can always manually specify and correct the code already on the website: to make the width and height, specify the title etc. just by changing the data. In order to install the code, you will need a normal HTML module or PHP-inserting the content. Taking the code from the Facebook website, pasted it into a module and activate it.

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