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Portrait retouching in Photoshop – new technologies

Портретная ретушь в Фотошоп

The portrait is an integral part of any image, so it’s important to have a beautiful and high-quality portfolio, especially for the famous and professional photographers, makeup artists, fashion designers, etc. Today we are going to retouch the face of one of the famous models, as well as learn how to process the photo to put your face on her turned out beautiful and smooth skin – talk about portrait retouching in Photoshop.
Портретная ретушь в Фотошоп

First we need the model image (raw, of course) for the subsequent retouching.
Always make a duplicate of the original layer, so you can return the photo to its initial state. You can just press CTRL + J.
Then go to the menu Filter-Blur-Surface Blur to soften the skin.
Values can be completely different from mine, so try to manipulate them in enlarged scale of the picture. This can be done by pressing CTRL + on the keyboard.
It turned out too blurry face, so we will correct it.
First, we need to reduce the opacity of the photo. We have to find the top layer with the blurred lines, and set the value in the column opacity at 50-60%. The values depend of course on the quality of your pictures and what values you put in the filter blur before.
Now, to remove the blurring from eyes, mouth, nose, etc., we need to create a mask for the top layer and take a brush of black color and to spend it on the above ground.
Do this procedure carefully and slowly.
For best results, you can reduce the opacity and fill of the brush.
Here’s what happened:
At the moment we have patches on the forehead and around the nose. Remove them using the tool Patch.
You can also use the stamp and healing brush. It all depends on areas of the skin , as well as where they are.
Areas near the nose I restored with a brush, and the color for her was taken by using the ALT key.
The skin model is too pale, so it can slightly darken and give it a bronze hue. To do this, go to menu Image-Apply Image and set the required parameters (yours may be different).
How to use Apply Image you can find here.
Left to lighten the pupils of the model, as they darkened after various manipulations with color and face.
Take the tool Dodge Tool and begin to drive around the model’s eyes.
The finished result: