ExtraWatch is a special component for Joomla CMS that allows you to organize on a full project analysis and gathering of statistics. In this topic we will consider the main pros and cons that affect the performance of your site.

This component is both paid and free solution. As you might guess, it depends on the number of available useful features.
I’m just going to describe the paid PRO version of this extension, as free minimum settings.
So, going after component installation and tracking module in Joomla, you find that you have:
Appearance settings of the component.
Display and the incorporation of countries and languages.
View of visitors in the system and their IP, etc.
Setting history, and the performance of the site.
Additional expert options.
Very convenient to view the data that was made after the changes of history. They are all displayed in the project database, and detailed their characteristics. Thus, it is possible to see exactly which table in the database have been processed.
If you already have a list of unscrupulous visitors or “ban”list, you can add it by simply downloading the file from them through a special form. You can also add in “ban”-the list of visitors directly, making their IP addresses, which is very convenient.
As for the statistics and its collecting, it is all done at altitude. For example, you have access to detailed data about the operating system of the user, his IP, detailed information about his visits to certain pages, and more.
The only thing you need to pay attention to is the load on your server because the execution of scripts is to “slow down” system, and some hosts may restrict the access to the site. Therefore, the load negotiate directly with your host.
You can see details about the various pages of the website, someone from the visitors how much time is spent on one or another of them, and also to make a list of keywords for which they come to your web project.
A very handy feature is the presence of flags for countries, so you will always witness the fact that from which country I went to your site and what keyword and which search engine he did.
History can be stored for several months, so you don’t need to backup the statistics.
For a full analysis of who, when and why went on your website are in stock, so you are only required to analyze these data and draw their own conclusions.
The ability to analyze data from a huge number of statistics.
Full Analytics and SEO tools.
Pretty simple integration into the system.
The presence of the Russian language and many others.