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Extra Vote plugin evaluation (ranking) of articles in Joomla

Often there are cases when you need to quickly evaluate the material, or to look at the overall rating of the article. For this is the extension that helps the user to navigate among a large number of your site content.

Extra Vote

Extra Vote not only serves to display the stars rating, but also allows you to insert these components inside the article to or inside the material. Thus the user just need to add {extravote 1], {extravote 2], {extravote 3], etc., according to the id of each piece of content that you would like to evaluate.
This component can be used not only in a fixed location of the site, using the various options of the plugin.
Easy, flexible and quick actions help the user to assess the type of material in seconds.
Using this extension you can add to the location section in the rating, also you do not need to go through the code each time try to edit html.