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EXCEL C#, quick table editing in ZennoPoster


With large amounts of data, an increase in processing speed is almost always required. This also applies to tables in the formats < strong>CSV and < strong>XLS, which have become popular due to the import of goods in such CMS as < strong>WordPress and < strong>OpenCart. < / p>

in Addition, with the help of the program : ZennoPoster:, about which we will talk further, which allows not only to distribute a huge number of cells inside tables, but also has support for MYSQL, FTP and many other useful modules, thereby brings the process of parsing and data entry to a completely different level. < / p>

C # Code

as you know, Microsoft’s system supports a certain syntax and code called C#. Zennoposter also has support for this code, allowing you to write scripts much faster, and their work becomes much better due to the clear structure of si sharp.< / p>

What does C#end up with

< p>first of all – performance, i.e. now you generate parsing of data and their processing much faster. In addition to speed, you get experience writing action games and understanding how to write them in the future.< / p>

You also have a tool in your hands, with whose help you are able not to be limited to the standard set of zennoposter functions, but to go further by introducing separate DLLs into the software. For example, there are more flexible input and output solutions for Excel, namely:< / p>

    < li>taking the code from the table directly, bypassing unnecessary actions;< / li>
    < li>search for a value immediately across the entire column, thereby bypassing the long processing through the rows;< / li>
    < li>cell styling and data distribution within the document.< / li>
    < / ul>

    there Is a huge number of functions and their writing through the code directly, which allows you to make the writing process nicer, clearer and more logical than the standard means of ZennoPoster. < / p>

    in Addition, now to parse several thousand products, you do not need to wait a lot of time, if the code is written correctly, because the necessary elements of the page can be taken directly from the document itself. < / p>

    of Course, there are certain nuances in parsing, especially with regard to proxy support and blocking on the part of the site, but if you take the work with text data in XLSX, CSV and similar formats, then the processing speed of C# code is not inferior to macros in Excel, and maybe even surpasses them.< / p>

    for Example, unlike macros in ZennoPoster, you can write data directly to a file, which automatically reduces the time for translation from one table to another and the distribution of data in RAM.< / p>
    < h3>Results< / h3>
    < p>Experience comes with time – it is known to all, but the experience with software to automate actions on the PC-a completely different level, because now you can not only correct one or two pages of the document, and even earn at the same time.< / p>

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