Etxt Antiplagiat – program check the text for uniqueness

Etxt Антиплагиат

With this program, which determines the degree of uniqueness of the text in a percentage for your articles, it is possible to know the degree of effectiveness of content. It is an indispensable tool for copywriters, rewriters, as in automatic mode shows errors and those items that need to be corrected, and a General view of the readability of the text.
So, download the program Etxt at the link specified above and install it to your computer. After the first run, go to the settings of the program.
Etxt Антиплагиат

If You need to every request out the window with entering captcha, you should make an account on the service antigate and enter the key, which will be given in it.
The remaining data in the parameters is clear and does not require special attention.
The program also provides a useful tool for seo optimizers – Seo service. Here at desire it is possible to find such parameters, such as TCI and PR, indexing in popular search engines Yandex and Google, etc.
But let’s still go to the main tool of this program.
In the editor we need to enter some text, be it your art or someone else’s, that you want to fix.
You can see the uniqueness of the text in percent.
After rewriting of the material, or copyright (whichever you prefer), you can re-check already corrected version.
You can edit the text directly within the program, which is very convenient, as it allows to save a lot of time.
If you have a problem to make a 100% unique text, it is possible with the help of Etxt Antiplagiat.
Only one advice: make completely unique your content, and your project will rise along with increase your income!
There is an alternative program :Advego Plagiatus:.


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