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Website promotion – stats for 3 months!

Start with an overview about SEO:-website promotion from the beginning, when he was still (or has become) “raw” from the point of view of code optimization, structure, site speed and other “chips”. Let’s look at him as he was initially 7 years in a row, and judging by the metric far from the high positions, and how he was after only 2-3 months of work on the project structure after you upgrade the design and installation of a new template.

It was so
So, here is a screenshot of the popular service on unloading statistics on the age of the domain and its appearance (i.e. how was the project initially with the old template):

Regarding the indicators of the so-called “puzomerok”, or rating of the web site (all very sad):

With regard to the promotion of the site for specific keywords (the screenshots clearly show that the project is optimized well):

General statistics of the known service is also not impressive – the perfect client for SEO optimizer!

It became like this
We will describe the main actions that have been implemented on the website:

The redesign of the template (setting the new CMS and updated the code both internally and externally);
Improved website structure and its usability in the displayed menu, and inside of the project for categories, articles, etc.;
Optimized the display speed of resource items, a site map, CNC, file robots.txt implemented https Protocol and other technical components;
Was ordered articles for external and internal linking, picked up a semantic kernel, and more.

Below is the results of our work:
HTTPS and website design

The position of the site after just a few months of work:


The General trend of SEO-promotion:

Finally, statistics on the positions for another online service:

The results
Overall a pretty good job of optimizing the project but there is always something to improve. For example, we are working on headers H1-H6, which for some reason are not taken into account by some manufacturers templates, plugins and extensions. You also need to work on the internal component of the resource to create trust for the search engines, and much more…