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The logo of the football club real Madrid


“Real Madrid” (Spanish Real Madrid Club de Fútbol) is a professional football club in Spain, which was named the FIFA best football club of the XX century. Real Madrid is the club with the biggest budget in the world, from 904 million euros in annual revenue and the most valuable club, worth 9.5 billion euros. “Real Madrid” — one of three clubs that have never left the top Spanish division, the other two are “Barcelona” and “athletic Bilbao”.
The club is one of the most renowned clubs in Spanish football, having won a total of 60 national titles; a record of title 33 of the La Liga Championships, 19 Cups of Spain, 9-time winner of the Supercup of Spain. Is the record number of victories and goals in the Champions League (12 times, the only European team to have won the tournament — then still the European Cup 5 times in a row).