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Email Protector hides email in Joomla

Email Protector

Email Protector is a useful component from the developer of NoNumber extensions. Allows you to hide your email from prying eyes: the search robot, etc.
Email Protector

This extension was created to ensure that spam bots do not find the mailboxes that are somehow placed on your website. Email Protector is a replacement for the standard plug-in in Joomla, but in contrast has a more advanced system of protection from external intrusions.
Has javascript code, so in the absence of it in the browser or not an automatic download, will be visible to the postal address if necessary.
In contrast to the standard component, Email Protector works not only in articles and materials. This means that email will be hidden in the modules, and other extensions.
The ability to set the parameters of links or plain text for the displayed e-mail addresses.


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