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Easy Frontend SEO – SEO promotion in Joomla

Easy Frontend SEO

Let’s talk about this concept as :SEO: promoting on the Internet. This special technology allows the site to move up in the search engines, and You get pleasure from the fact that the project is seen by other people.
Easy Frontend SEO

So, today’s topic is a component called Easy Frontend SEO.
Easy Frontend SEO invites us to use basic features of search engines, and more specifically, tips to optimize some of the Joomla components for them.
For example, the plugin will tell you when the page needs work: the installation of meta tags, keywords, etc. are All good shows with a simple checkmark at the top of the screen. If they are all green, nothing to fix no need, otherwise, you will need to optimize the page for search engines.
Automatic mode – Metadata are generated fully automatically for extensions or via the global settings
Component for the foreground enables you to edit and add entries directly on the website
The data can be confirmed for each selected page, despite the extension used
Metadata shall be approved using the internal URL, regardless of SEF URL
Compatibility mode for external SEF components
Collect URLS – URLS will automatically be entered into a database and can be edited using the component
Relative URL entries are independent in relation to the domain and not lost in case of changing domain
2 different styles: top bar and modal window
Supported extensions in the automatic mode content component – com_content
Save entered data directly into tables (content and menu)
The definition of a General description, header, and attributes of the file robots
Adoption of custom meta tags
Counting words and characters
Setting the maximum number of characters for title and description
Form fields are optional – not required information may be missing
Warnings may be displayed if no data
You can change the following metadata: title, description, keywords, generator and robots attributes
Languages: English, German


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