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Duplicator – transfer data from WordPress


A plugin called Duplicator is able to migrate or clone the entire site from one place to another. Now for project administrators it was the era of fast copy.


This plugin also serves as a regular utility for creating backups of the resource. Duplicator supports base64 replace text. If you need to transfer WordPress or create a copy, then this solution will help you to simplify the procedure. For more detailed information about copying can be found on the website of the developer.
This tool allows you to quickly move or duplicate your WordPress website, and create a local machine for testing and validation of the site. Also this plugin works well to check the health of servers and demonstration resource.
The Pro Version
You can improve the performance, just purchase the Pro version of this solution. With professional type of plugin possible functions such as storage in Dropbox, Google Drive and also move files by FTP, job scheduling and a long list of other advanced add-ons. To see all of them, you can go to the page version comparison.
The transfer of the site, developed on WordPress, is a very complex process for beginners. Also it is not always possible to consider all possible variations of settings, so this process is best left to professionals.

This plugin requires technical knowledge. If you want to move WordPress or backup, make sure you are using the plugin on your own risk – don’t forget before you run the component to save the data.


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