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Duplicate Post – clone posts and pages in WordPress


Duplicate Post – this plugin allows you to duplicate pages and posts and edit them as a new draft. The extension has been downloaded thousands of times, and to encourage the developer of this solution, you can transfer to him a few cents (as stated in the description on the official page of the plugin).

Duplicate Post

How it works:
Menu control panel to edit content WordPress you can click on the button “Clone” at the bottom of the header page or post. This action will immediately create a copy of the document and return to list.
In control panel content, you can click on the button “New draft”
In the edit menu, click on the link “copy to new draft” appears next to “Cancel /add To cart”
While viewing a post as a registered user you can click on the dropdown the link “copy to new draft”, which is located under “Edit post” in the admin panel
The second, third and fourth paragraphs will bring you to the edit page of the text of the new draft – edit all you want, click on the “post” button when finished.
Please note that the first method allows you to directly clone the post in a single click, increasing the speed of work on the project, especially if there are a lot of posts that you want to duplicate. There is also a special tag for a template, so you can write it in your and clone posts and pages from outside the site. Click on the link to edit page for the new draft. In the settings pages, you can choose what to backup:
initial date of page / post
the initial status of the page / post (draft, published, pending), when copied from the list of posts
the initial exception of page / post
investment in page / post
child document of the original page
custom fields
You can also set the prefix or suffix before or after the title page and the copied material, and user roles for them.
If you need to translate the plugin into another language, then for this there is a special GlotPress project designed to help.


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