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Dummy Content – a new extension from NoNumber

Dummy Content

Dummy Content – what is it? A new extension of the famous Studio NoNumber. Let’s look at the features and functionality of this extension.
Dummy Content

Dummy Content is a system plugin and button on the control panel the contents of your website, which helps to establish various types of data for the project. This can be HTML code, modules, category descriptions, third-party content and other information.
This extension can put a form in 2 ways:
1. Content
The dummy text is inserted directly into your articles. You can save them.
2. Tags
You need to set the tag using the sub-owl {dummy]
You say why is this even necessary? For example, you need to create a presentation of the website or to lay out a template for its sale, but absolutely do not want to fill it with articles that you want to write your own.
You can also insert images from other fotohosting.
You can adjust the width and height of the objects directly through code.
The ability to install almost any data.
Tags or simple content via a press of a button.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.


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