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Download music bananastreet.ru script ZennoPoster, case No. 4


Once received the application for the downloading of musical works from the site bananastreet.ru (basically, here are the mixes, remixes, remakes, etc.). To me the task seemed easy enough in execution, but in fact was not so. What made me to write a post just about this website and parsing data through :ZennoPoster: – read more…
Den Addel – Sex   Deep

A beautifully designed project without the possibility to download directly songs, BUT! when someone stopped…
So, what is the complexity of collecting data from these sites?
Ajax or Flash player
The most popular answer to this question will be the presence on the sites of the notorious Ajax or Flash player. If the first is more or less clear: you just need to parse through the internal browser, then the second component, the situation is more complicated. Or you need to decompile the movie itself, or to collect code from various pieces (which I did on the example site bananastreet.ru).
bananastreet or downloading music for free!
If you are reading this post, you have probably realized that getting the data we need absolutely free of charge, not a monthly subscription to someone there. So we will take some data from your code (which is not to say, not to be freeloaders even more :)), then collect them together (the track) and convert them into one mp3 file.
In short, the “crap” in the first place is precisely to understand what number to take for parsing track (this trick programmers still need to figure out how to get around), but the process is as follows:
takes a url with a list of songs
then they added one to the desired folder on your hard disk
and already then get the finished tracks and the list in a text file (so as not to forget what was being parsed).
The results of bananastreet
Almost any project can be put by :ZennoPoster: if you know how. And if you do not know, then you just need to think and execute!

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