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Captivating examples of double exposure in photography. Part 2.

Увлекательные примеры двойной экспозиции в фотографии. Часть 2.

Becky Chivers
Увлекательные примеры двойной экспозиции в фотографии. Часть 2.

“Double exposure was the technique that I wanted to try as part of my level. Of course, I saw the beauty of this style of photography, and also all the different ways you could use different and creative. After seeing one or two images of this style on the social networking sites, I decided to play with it and see what I can come up with myself. The first photo was taken with the images that I found on the Internet (I know You don’t have to do that, just at that time, I haven’t found your style). After I reviewed the work of other photographers, and looking at the image, only that I have made using this technique.
I’ve uploaded the photos into Photoshop, then combined with variations of self-portrait and placed the images of the city on top of them, then I started positioning the images depending on values in both photos. Black and white photo makes the picture a classic, and it is much easier to edit later. In addition, I believe that the colorful images look much more interesting, and they differ from “normal” its a double exposure.”
Doris Trejo
“Speaking of technology, I use the term multiple exposure, which means that only the manipulation of film. I use a mechanical camera which allows me to draw the picture the way I want. The process starts when I stop shooting to use a huge number of exhibits, inserting objects on your own in the same frame, so the composition is done by itself, without additional measurements. Photos taken on a Nikon FM10, with film Pro Plus 200 or Kodak 400. I love the grainy photos, but sometimes I try to do some shots with a lower ASA to provide a softer image.”
Nevena Poledica
“These photos were taken on an old analog camera “Smena 8 M”, with the film Fujicolor Superia 200. With this camera, you can control rewinding film (not only for full frame, as usual, but also its parts) and also make double exposure shots. During scanning films, I am combining multiple frames at the same time (this is the reason why my pictures that wide). In General, my work deals with illusion, a dream, I try to explore new aesthetic reality. These photos are the result of attempts to remember the freedom of certain landscapes.”
Katarina Malnar
“I use the option multiple exposure (multiple exposure) that I have on the camera (Canon 5D Mark III), and edit images in Adobe Photoshop. The first name of my image “My soul”, which means love to a native city. The second photo is called “She.” The tree is inside a person is her personality.”
Aino Saarikivi