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How to remove a double chin in Photoshop

Many of those who have a double chin you want to keep it quite, but we can help remove it only in photographs. Today we will look at an example of how to remove a double chin in the program for image editing in Adobe Photoshop. All actions are performed in version Photoshop CC.

Убрать подбородок

So, we will need a picture of a person with a double chin. In this particular example I took a picture of a smiling woman.

Create 2 duplicate the layer with Ctrl + J and go to menu Filter-Liquify.

Note: in the lesson about how to remove fat from the sides we already talked about this filter and led descriptions tools.

Allocated using tool Freeze Mask Tool the area of the chin that we need to leave (i.e. NOT double).

Then, using tool Forward Warp Tool move double chin so that he moved to our first chin.

Note: when you highlight the chin, be careful to leave the place to edit the double chin.

After you are done with the upward movement of our double chin, you will see that some artifacts still remained, as with a single filter to do wonders is extremely problematic, and will be visible inconsistencies. To prevent this from happening, you need to add to the realism.

To do this, go back to our file (press the OK button in the filter Liquify) and allocation to the chin, but bare with the second to dock two chins was more natural.

Note: allocated, of course, another layer (the original) or a duplicate, where is the normal chin (both first and second).

Make a duplicate of the selection, just press Ctrl + J.

Now move the new layer so that the chin was one and it looked realistic.

As you can see, the second part still remains, as we have identified it specifically. Remove it using eraser and blurry edges, or by creating a mask (as you wish).

That’s what we’ve got.

It should be noted that this is not the most difficult option of removing double chin, as there are far worse people, or rather, their chins.