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As I etched the St. Petersburg food from dostaevsky, gradually going from “Sakura”


Share your experience of purchasing cakes from dostaevsky (regular delivery service of hot meals) in St. Petersburg, as well as completely free to make “favorable” opinion from 3 companies. I must say that the order was made of them in first and hopefully the last time. Their friends do not recommend to buy anything in this company. In addition, another company called “Sakura” apparently, the officers “snickering” as the customer focus they do not want to hear, but a little of everything…

So, this weekend I decided to treat ourselves to something fancy, and at first wanted the habit to take the land in one of the companies for the delivery of “Goodies”. After I made the order, called the Manager and said that nothing would please me pies and they don’t deliver to my address (forgot to say that I ordered another cake sushi). In addition, it is necessary to order separately for pies, and sushi (it’s so convenient!), and for a certain amount exclusively to pies (apparently, they don’t care what amount they have ordered sushi…). In short, I spit on such everyday cultural St. Petersburg service from Sakura and decided to look for some other service – yeah, I found Dostoevsky (well that not even the most baked in their pies).
Website, I must say, not done as bad as their pies. And here are the pictures for comparison (the benefit is that the to compare – find a million differences):
Photo from the website

A photo from the table customer

If you take into account taste, they are just missing: tried the meat pie (can you believe this, what is this meat?), I felt nausea and vomiting, and then, of course, is that there was no desire. Ate really pizza from dostaevsky on the same day, it is still edible, but the meat is apparently from the pie cut into it. Took a kebab from dostaevsky – to taste roast was similar to the part that is cut off from the fat bottom (peel). In the end, only 1500 p. for spoiled evening!
What can I say for such service? Good – nothing as it repeats day after day throughout the term of the company (I would like to have companies of this kind also was the expiration date).
Well, finally in the note left a little review of all the well-known firm Eldorado, which have learned to spoil everything that touches…
PS Just got a call from Eldorado and he said cheerfully that my order will be delivered to the store 24, and 25 numbers (such as technical problems – the car broke down)! Do you remember how the school was justified: doing the diary or pen? Note: the booking was made through its online store on December 21 in St. Petersburg (rate of employees of mail of Russia is much higher than the rate of employees in El Dorado!).
What unites all of these 3 companies? of course disregard for their customers! Draw conclusions, gentlemen – while we feed them, they will continue to “work”!

You still want to move to St. Petersburg, the cultural capital? We will help You not to do! 🙂