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The choice of domain and hosting – buy domain name for website

Подбор доменного имени

To the site was available for viewing by any user of the virtual network will have to acquire its own domain and hosting. At first glance it’s just. Free domain name is not difficult to rent, if it is free, and to buy a hosting provider. Actually some tips you should look before you do the above listed activities.

купить доменное имя для сайта

Define a domain, its extension and the level
To buy a domain name for your site, you only need to enter most any that same name in a certain field, and to verify whether it freely. If Yes, then rent for six months, a year or longer. As soon as the period of use of domain will come to an end, you will be prompted to renew it. The domain name should reflect the focus of the site and be short. In this case, after reading it, you would have an idea of what is offered on the resource, and they quickly remember the name of the site.

As for extensions, it depends on which category is designed web project. If only the citizens of our state, the extension should be .of the Russian Federation or .EN. If the website is aimed at residents of all earthly things .com or .net. Consider a second level domain for a resource makes no sense. It will have a negative impact on the image of the web project.

Choose a suitable hosting for your website
Some providers offer directly to buy hosting and domain for the site, and it is quite comfortable and modern. As for hosting, it is of the following types:

a physical dedicated server;
a virtual dedicated server.

To determine the type of web hosting should be in accordance with what kind of website available. If it is a small blog or single page business card, to fully suit the virtual version. Allows to space more than 10 GB., several mailboxes and FTP Uploader. Virtual hosting support group of 3-5 thousand people.

If you want to choose hosting for large online shop or a corporate portal, the site is a dedicated physical server. The customer gets an entire machine to host one or more resources. Also does not have any restrictions concerning adjustments in the server. Can safely remove existing and install required operating system. Dedicated physical server supports access to the site at high speed audience of up to 15 thousand people.

Virtual private server is cheaper. Low price due to the fact that the client gets a lot less resources. This type of hosting is focused on information portals and small Internet shops.

Choosing hosting, you need to pay attention to the range of content management systems. It is desirable to have the one that the user used to work.

Selection of a domain name


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