How to choose a domain name for your website

Как правильно подобрать доменное имя для своего сайта

Domain name — a symbolic meaning that helps to find the addresses of Internet servers or simple sites that are now a huge number.
After or before creating your project, you will need to attach it to the domain. In order to understand what it is and why you need a domain name for your project, consider this article.
Как правильно подобрать доменное имя для своего сайта

So, in simple terms, a domain is the address of your site, i.e., the set of characters that every time you enter into your browser to access a specific site. For example,
Domains are layered. For example, the website: is the second level, and the project: is the third level.
For SEO optimization and to improve the rating of your resource is better to choose domains of the 2nd level.
Also domain names are divided into zones. For example, domain in the zone .EN, and domain in the zone .com, etc.
The first thing you need to know what region will belong to your online – if this is the online store for Russian users, it is best to choose the area .ru, but if your traffic will be English-speaking, or your website is card company, you can choose a domain name in the zone .com.
The above domain areas are the most popular, but you can choose the area if your website is about, for example, historical values of the city of St. Petersburg, thus stressing the affiliations of the site to the main theme.
Each specific theme has its own peculiarities. For example, it is best to choose a short domain, as they are quickly remembered, and when the busy domain name you can choose the suitable words – it can be “best”, “ideal”, “top” etc. All depends on the professional issues in which you are going to move on.
Today became popular domain names in a new area .Russia
I have to say – this area is not particularly attractive, since the address of your Internet resource will be uncomfortable, as it is poorly read.
All the fault of the encoding and display software that can simply not understand some of the characters. Also with SEO optimization may be very serious problems!
(the original reference to the President.RF/speech/9855)
Here are the main criteria for the selection of domain names for your site:
The domain name must be short for memorizing users.
Your website visitors have when looking at the domain to understand where they are.
When a specific theme and a specific region should NOT use such domain zones like est, cn, etc.
Do not use phrases transliteration or translation, for example, moya-work.
It is better not to introduce the numbers in domains unless, of course, this is not required by the situation, or you are using a telephone number as a domain.
Examine the final choice of the domain zone to be in harmony for a common domain name to get the version of the type:,