Photoshop lessons

How to divide the image into Photoshop for a few parts

It is very often necessary to split image into several parts. Today we will talk about this tool, as Slice Tool, and how it can be used to divide the picture into pieces. This is done very quickly and easily…

Как разделить изображение в Фотошоп на несколько частей

Take any document that you want to share, say, 2 pieces in width. It can be a blank A4 sheet of paper.
Now take the tool Slice Tool and press the right mouse button to display a context menu of this tool.
From the provided list, select the item Divide Slice and specify the required values.
You can use other options, for example, to put in graphs Divide Into Ноrizontally 5, and Divide Vertically Into 3. Thus, we get a grid of squares – 5 cells across and 3 cells down.
Now, if you want, you can select any of the squares and copy it to the clipboard and you will be part of the image that you need.
In below figure, I just copied one of the squares, put it on a new layer and filled with black. Then copied, hold down the Alt key the square and placed in other cells. That’s what I did.
Features this operation infinite is the creation of collage, painting abstract paintings, and more.