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Display Date + Time – insert time and date in Joomla

Display Date + Time is a separate custom module which is designed to display the time and date in various formats.
Display Date + Time

A great way to get on page Joomla time and date with support for various formats to all countries and continents.
A huge variety of settings will allow users to see exactly the design you planned in advance.
Styles, embedded text, and other options will surely be appreciated by your visitors.
In addition to all of the above data, it can be noted that the extension is absolutely free to download!
Insert before and after the text (You can set the html output at the beginning or end of the text).
Time zones (you Can use many copies of this module to display on one page several dates).
The format of the date (a Huge number of options to display exactly the format that matches your region).
The date delimiters (Some data is written as 13.04.2015, or as 13/04/2015, or 13-05-2015).
The text between the date and time.
Time format (Static or ajax/flash format, such as 08:44:12 PM).
Displaying PM/AM.
Color (set your own colors taken from pipette).