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Disable Comments – disable comments in WordPress

Disable Comments

The extension allows site administrators at the global level, disable commenting on my own project built on WordPress. All comments can be disabled according to post type, there’s support for multiple sites.

Disable Comments

Sometimes, not so rarely, the administrators of the CMS we have to solve the problem by disabling comments on your resource. This plugin allows you to do this for different types of materials, pages, attachments, etc., so that the settings are not overwritten for individual posts. Also available is the option to delete all fields related to commenting, editing and screen quick viewing. For multiple sites, you may disable comments for the entire network.
Additionally, the points that belong to the review, can be removed from the console, widgets, admin panel.
Important: use this plugin if you want to remove comments on the entire site. Do not use the solution if you want to selectively disable them for specific posts – WordPress lets you do this. If you don’t know how to use this option, there are instructions in the FAQ.
If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions, you can email them on the support forum plugin.


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