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Direct Alias – Direct menu link to a category in Joomla

Direct Alias

Direct Alias is a plugin that is designed to supply a direct link to a category in Joomla menu. Thus, you can set the short URL for almost every menu item on your website.
Direct Alias

By default, Joomla menu paths are relative, i.e., “the category-subcategory-subcategory”. It is not very cost effective, especially when you have already stored a lot of data, and to create inside the project goals, which in turn makes it uncomfortable to read links.
This component helps to solve the problem of unique links and a more comfortable linking within a site.
You just need to install and enable the plugin and specify the menu items with direct links you need.
For example, you had a path to the article: “my articles-blog-animals-giraffe”. You click on the “Relative” and turn it into a button to “Direct” that means that your link will now look like this: “giraffes”.
But the most important advantage compared to other similar components is that this extension is absolutely free!
Free download of the plugin.
A direct path to the menu item instead of relative.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.


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