What are the photoshop source files and what advantages do they provide? If You are a beginner web designer or just want to master this useful program like Photoshop to perfection, or You just want to reduce time and automate the process of creating your own design, a neat and well made psd sources – this is what You need. Source psd files – these are files of the program photoshop, which have pre-prepared layers most appropriate to a particular design theme that you can edit yourself and insert, for example, their inscriptions instead of the standard, replace any image on your etc. Thus, the process of design is reduced to the adaptation of the already existing to suit your needs. Saves a lot of time and effort, while the output is a high-quality design, even if the adaptation of the design deals with the beginner. Learning and working with sources If we talk more about the benefits of psd source for Photoshop these are already mentioned above the opportunity to greatly simplify the process of their own design, as well as the possibility of quick and quality learning all the subtleties of the photoshop program, which is especially important for beginners. The main advantages, which provide the source code in the learning process are: Examples of design frameworks, templates, and much more. Looking at them, you can make ideas about how you can do similar things, but with some of his idea For example, the source is possible to draw conclusions about what artistic techniques are used most often when creating a design on a particular theme, what colors are most can come under one or another plot An important advantage is the fact that some of the templates you can find video tutorials from the authors on how to make them or a video tutorial on the same or similar templates. This can give additional information about the techniques and methods of work with a particular tool Photoshop. The most common sources for Photoshop are different kinds of images with company logos, pictures on different subjects, the color of the background with the applied patterns, shadows and terrain, there are even 3D source files in PSD format, but this is usually rare. In General images, and ready sources so that you can find any almost any idea, which of course greatly simplifies the lives of not only beginners, but also professional designers and masters of their craft, allowing them to focus on the creative side of things, rather than routine, reinventing the wheel over and over again. Edit images with special pictures in the section “Installation”. In this category You will find a special beautiful photo with face, you can use them both for themselves and for friends.