Download for free in good resolution a photo of the famous inventor Henry Ford, who sits in one of his creations – a car released in the early 1900s. The source code is presented in a resolution of 3377 pixels, which can be downloaded from our website. This image is dated around 1920. Photo of Henry Ford in the car

Map of Eurasia from the early 20th century: 1906


Download vintage map of Eurasia of the early XX century high resolution: 3300 px, 600 px, 300 px.

The map shows countries such as the Russian Empire, Chinese Empire, Japan, India, Siam, Korea, Afghanistan, Persia, Arabia, Austria-Hungary, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Abyssinia, Turkey, Sweden, Norway and others.

Скачать винтажную карту Евразии начала XX века с высоким разрешением: 3300 px, 600 px, 300 px.

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