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How to install shapes (custom shapes) in Photoshop

Today we will analyze with you how to quickly and easily select and load into Photoshop a set of high-quality custom shapes for later use.

Как установить фигуры (custom shapes) в Фотошоп

To download new custom shapes, we need to choose the tool Custom Shape Tool and go to its settings.

Next, click on the icon of the form, go to the far right of the menu bar and find the box Load Shapes.

Then select the desired set from those figures that will be used.

Is there another way of loading it is the following:
Go to menu Edit – Preset Manager and from the drop down item select Custom Shapes.
Now click on the button Load looking for suitable forms for download in Photoshop.
In order to reset the figures on installed by default, you need to enter the right-most menu and select Reset Custom Shapes.

Как установить фигуры (custom shapes) в Фотошоп

Как установить фигуры (custom shapes) в Фотошоп