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Bar the Custom Shape Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Dismantle the tool Custom Shape Tool in Adobe Photoshop.
Панель Custom Shape Tool в Adobe Photoshop

Call the panel by pressing U on the keyboard.
We should see the following menu.
Let’s look at it in more detail.
So the first point is responsible for selecting the Shape, Path, Pixels, which says that you can convert any shape on the spot, without taking in a bitmap format afterwards.
Next is the item of choice fill arbitrary shapes and its contour.
So you set the color, opacity, stroke, and other tool options. Also, there are display settings of the stroke as a dotted line, alignment, etc.
If you want, you always have the option to specify just the height and width of the object for further processing.
The following three items affect the sorting and alignment of shapes relative to other components.
New Layer
Combine Shapes
Subtract Front Shape
Intersect Shape Areas
Exclude Overlapping Shapes
Then comes the alignment:
Left Edges
Horizontal Centers
Right Edges
Top Edges
Vertical Centers
+ Bottom Edges
Distribute Widths
Distribute Heights
Align To Selection
Align To Canvas
And the following items:
Bring Shape To Front
Bring Shape Forward
Send Shape Backward
Send Shape To Back
Consider the right panel top menu tool, clicking on the icon of the object itself.
Rename Shape
Delete Shape
Text Only
Small Thumbnail
Large Thumbnail
Small List
Large List
Preset Manager
Reset Shapes
Load Shapes
Save Shapes
Replace Shapes