ZennoPoster script Converter currency and balance Bitcoin wallet

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Today decided to please fans of automation, and to submit to the court a simple but very effective way – how many rubles from the input data on the example of Bitcoin wallet. In simple words, I was interested in the way in which I can get through the currency Converter amount equal to mine bitcoins.

конвертер валют

All very logical and utterly easily – obtained value from the search engine Yandex. To do this, go to the page with the query, specify where in the string the number of bitcoins:
https://yandex.ru/search/?text=0.00006343%20BTC&lr=2 where 0.000063 is the amount that you want to convert to rubles.

With the help of the GET request call in the program ZennoPoster and by simple operations of text results in HTML format, we get the desired data in rubles.
The output data can be written in text or just display a notice that is integrated in ZennoPoster.

Earn bitcoins in several ways: either to click the mouse constantly, or use some really cool services of mining. One of them you will find by clicking the mouse 1 time! the banner just above…

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