CS Sape Master – quick access to SEO and webmaster

CS Sape Master

CS Sape Master is a tool that allows you to analyze links, key phrases, checking the donor, statistics of incomes and expenses and much more.
First of all, this program is designed for those users of the system Sape who want to save money on buying links, and also get quick access to an account without launching a browser. Let’s consider the main features of CS Sape Master and its features.
So by downloading this tool, run the program.
CS Sape Master

Then go to account settings (File-account management) and make the data for the desired accounts.
The program includes the following services:
If you are not registered in these systems, do not worry, the program will work without them, but not all functions, for example, the calculation of rating Models.
You can also find useful links in the program, they are listed in the upper menu bar.
In the left part of CS Sape Master, you can find several tabs is tabs for webmaster, optimizer, stats and news.
Inside the program you’ll find additional tabs, and special input fields and store information.
In the tab “Acceptors” you can see data such as the ID of the acceptor, name, creation date, etc.
In the tab “Links” located to the donors, their IDs, text links, and additional properties.
Also you can see the position of the keyword in the tab “Position”.
When you purchase the “eternal links” in the system Sape, you can get the text where it is located, etc.
Automatic mode is also available for SEO.
You have the opportunity to calculate your income and expenses quickly and efficiently.