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Automatic cropping in Photoshop – feature Crop and Straighten Photos

You can automate the process of cropping the images and look at a unique feature called Crop and Straighten Photos. This technology of Adobe Photoshop will allow you not only to quickly process a large number of documents, but also save a lot of time for optional actions. If you need to crop images to specific dimensions, we recommend you to read this article.
Автоматическое кадрирование

This item is in the category of automatic operations has been specifically designed to scan various documents you had a way to fix the(and) quickly and easily. For example, when you scan the image, putting several of them in series, formed near the white portions of pictures. Not to spend the extra time to crop each of the photos, and not spend it on removing stains, specks, etc. was invented this wonderful tool.

To get started let’s take a scanned document, then go to the menu Photoshop File-Automate-Crop and Straighten Photos and press the activation action.
In addition to its core responsibilities, this operation will allow to automatically create separate files, which can then simply save after turning them in the right direction. You can do it using menu Photoshop Image-Image Rotation, selecting the appropriate degree :).