Photoshop lessons

How to crop photos in Photoshop to size 10 to 15 and 9 to 13 for printing

Probably every person published the photos sizes 9 to 13 or 10 to 15 centimeters, but not all of us can crop photos in Adobe Photoshop. In addition, there is a quick way of cropping images we’ll discuss in this article and learn how to crop a picture in Photoshop to specified dimensions.

Как обрезать фото в Фотошоп на размеры 10 на 15 и 9 на 13 для печати

First of all we need some pictures. I’ll show an example of processing photos in 2 copies.

Go to the tool menu Crop and in its settings, enter the necessary data. Select the box indicating the width and height of our image, and in the field write the 10 cm and 15 cm, respectively, which will mean 10-15 cm In a separate field picture resolution set the value and choose 300 pixels per inch (px/in).

Now, to save our settings for later quick access to them, go again in the tool menu and select New Crop Preset.

You can save and another set, for example, the size of 9-13 cm.

Now you can choose the size you want to crop the image of the preset parameters.

Here are the photos from the 9-13 (in the first case) and 10-15 (in the second case). As you can see, the photos are cropped on the edges if they have had other proportions.

If you have a photo is located vertically, you can simply click on the button with arrows (is it between the dimensions of the width and height of the crop tool).

Now turn the print our photos. To print them, you need to place them on a separate sheet (if you are not one of the photos for the 1st time). We will use the standard sheet size is A4.

Go to menu – File-New and select international document format.

The size and resolution remain as shown in the figure below. The main rule – all photos must be the same – only in this case you will have to match all sizes!

Copy the cropped image to a new sheet by using CRTL + A and CTRL + V. Press CTRL + P (print the document) and set the printer.

If you want to automate the process, and not open each time a new image, you can create separate actions for Photoshop, and then apply the following:

Open menu File-Scripts-Image Processor.

Next, select the folder where will be placed files to edit, save the place where will be published the modified photo, and choose a way of preserving the format and its quality.

In the settings you need to specify which operations should be performed – in our case, the action cut photo. Press the start button and edit the image.

In the source folder you will have a separate subfolder in which the films are ready.