Photoshop lessons

Creating a watermark in Photoshop

Do you have pictures that you want to protect by copyright by applying a watermark on the image? Then begin….
Take a picture that needs treatment. Take photo for illustration only action – then it can be removed…
Now we need a tool Horizontal Type Tool and print any we liked the name, I would suggest, for example, the address of your website.
Further menu Layers set the Fill value to 0%. Don’t worry if the text is not visible, we will do its stroke.
Follow on…
Go to configuration mixing and put a check mark next to Drop Shadow and Outer Glow. The parameters of these items can pick to choose from, depending on the resolution of the photos, font size of text, etc. I did the following: set default values for the shadow and the Outer Glow tab, set the color white, Spread -20%, Size – 3 px.
Now you need to make a final touch is to remove the original picture: turn on the layer background and click on the same menu button Delete layer to the size of our output file was not great…%) save the file in psd format – File-Save as.
So, we made the watermark, but how are we to apply?
In principle, this entire process. You may use the watermark on any image. You can even create an action with the event 🙂