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How to create PDF file in Photoshop from the screenshots

создать PDF файл в Фотошоп

Today let’s talk about how fast using the software Adobe Photoshop to create a PDF file from multiple images in the form of screenshots to the PC.

To create a PDF file from multiple images, we need to open them in Photoshop. Next, using the menu item “automation” and “PDF presentation” we go to configuration file and select open in the program on the go set the necessary parameters of the output file, such as text, headings, description, and so on.
Create PDF from Photoshop
Can be done as a separate PowerPoint presentation slides and conventional PDF text file. The number of slides or photos depend on you. It is also possible to set a different font size and background color of the presentation.
When saving the final file, you will be able to choose the compression level of the PDF and the display quality of text in it.
Note: try not to immediately close the Photoshop program on completion save the file as you may need to make the rendering process again, increasing the quality of the text or the font size or adding an extra slide.