Photoshop lessons

Creating panoramas in Photoshop

To fully enjoy quality rest after a trip, it is necessary to keep the overview photo of the area.
Создание панорамы в Фотошоп

No need to run for special cameras, wide angle lenses and other accessories. The main thing that was more or less decent camera, sturdy tripod and of course Adobe Photoshop. How to shoot panorama – in a separate lesson, and this we will try to combine the pictures in the General plan.
Let’s start. First, we will gather in a separate folder all the photos you want to combine into a panoramic image.
Go to menu Photoshop File-Automate-Photomerge.
Then select the automatic mode creating panoramas – Layout -Auto, and our folder with the pictures via the button Browse. Click OK and wait for file processing.
Now we need to collect images together. To do this, go to menu Layer-Merge Visible.
That’s what we have:
Now remove unnecessary details, that is, choose the tool Crop and do the cropping.
Improve the contrast of the image – Image-Adjustments-Brightness/Contrast and enjoy the result.

Создание панорамы в Фотошоп