Photoshop lessons

Creating bristles in Photoshop – how to quickly make bristles

It is rarely that the bristles appears by itself, but this is the case.
We need to create a stubble in Photoshop, this would require at least a file with the image of a man.
Next create a new layer in your layers menu click on (Ctrl+Shift+N) Create a new layer, now take the Brush tool and choose a brush with ragged edges. The color of a brush similar and hair color editable.
Now color areas of the face where in our opinion should be the bristles.
Looks good 🙂 But that’s not all.
Go to the photoshop menu , where the values specified for the Distribution is Gaussian, a box set next Monochromatic, Amount 15 to 20%.
Then take the tool Elliptical Marquee Tool and draw out a region, the center of which will be to the human nose or a related area. That’s what I got:
Do not worry, it is not an option!
Go to menu and set the parameters: Quality – Best, – 10.
Unselect – Ctrl + D, set the type of overlay in the layers palette to Hard Light.
Now the layer opacity diminishes by approximately 50-60% and enjoy the result.