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Core Design Ajax Vote plugin for Joomla

Plugin to set the score of the article in Joomla. Core Design Ajax Vote is for more beautiful design of the vote, than the standard means.

Core Design Ajax Vote

Consider in more detail what it consists of…
The first thing you should set for proper operation of the application, it Core Design Scriptegrator plugin. This plugin is needed for full operation of the system, and includes the necessary Java Script libraries (jQuery, jQuery UI, Highslide). Without them, the extension of the manufacturer will not work.
Next load the plugin rating users – Core Design Ajax Vote. Put a checkmark next to “publish” next to the downloaded application and go to menu article. There in settings select “show” in front of a voting system (if it were not previously running).
Appearance rating can be changed to a more pleasing to the eye.
Below you can see the design options…