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Panel Contours in Photoshop

Sometimes we need to add to the text or the figure of any of the previously established effects. For example, panel Contours is a great solution for adding volume effect. We will look at in more detail in this article.

Панель Contours в Фотошоп

So, go to layer menu, choose, click, right-click the layer, point to Blending Options find the box Contour.

Now, clicking on the top right menu of this component, we see a few points:

New Contour
Rename Contour
Delete Contour
Text Only
Small Thumbnail
Large Thumbnail
Small List
Large List
Preset Manager
Reset Contours
Load Contours
Save Contours
Replace Contours

Will learn how you can create a new circuit, but rather to change its settings.

Click on the icon image path. We have a window will appear with the parameters of the outline that was selected earlier.

We can create new, save, changed, or download the new and on its basis to build the one you need.

In any case, we have several options: ask the guide elements on the basis of Mapping, set in graphs Input and Output values for each new point added in the chart.

Also there is a point Corner, where a mark is angle between two points. Otherwise, if you disable the given component, angles between two points will be softened and turn into an arc.

You can always choose outline from the list of installed sets in the graph Preset.