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Content Templater templates and their fast implementation in Joomla

Content Templater

Content Templater is a special solution for Joomla that helps the site administrator to simplify the task of managing templates.
Content Templater

This component allows you to create predefined templates and paste them quickly when editing new material.
You can also use this plugin as code snippets.
To apply the template to the material, you simply need to click on the button select it and confirm the insertion in the article.
There are 3 modes of editing: easy, normal and advanced. They differ only in their advanced settings. The parameters can be set, for example, turn on or off the new material to your favorites, determine the title, description, tags, etc. It is very convenient, especially when you have dimensional article, and you constantly have to score the same data in these fields.
The ability to install an unlimited number of templates for any taste and color.
Insert directly into the material through a simple click of a button.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.