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Comparison table of comparisons plugin for CMS Joomla

This extension allows you to create comparison tables, called it Comparison table.

Comparison table - плагин сравнений для CMS Joomla

This plugin generates a table of any goods or services from article content, dynamically publish a table with radio buttons, and allowing you to easily show and hide table columns.
In case of any problems, make sure that your tables have cells. They can’t be combined or omitted, otherwise the plugin will not work properly.
How to use the extension:
Create a new article
Insert the tag {comparisontable] in an article which should appear in the comparative condition of the products or services in the form of switches checkbox.
Create a table with ID comparisontable into article. A table ID can be changed using HTML view (Toggle Editor) or with the editor JCE editor: right click on table> table Properties >Advanced settings >Id.
Add all the products or services that are necessary for comparison to the table in a consistent manner.
The first row in comparison table must contain the names of the products.
The first column in the table must contain product parameters, evaluation
Upload the plugin via the link at the end of the article, and turn it on.
Choose the maximum number of products or services for comparison.


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