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Especially for *****s (managers of the company “Connfiguration.FF”) propose to read this review site for its “firmeshki” computer repair. Since my computer was broken and I went to the network exclusively with cell phone, and didn’t have much time, I decided to use the services of a computer service called “Consdorf”, at the same time check how to cope with the task. When you consider that the computer is fully working, they coped 100%, but if you also consider that it was not broken originally, and only moved away some of the parts in the system unit, it is a super recovery cost me 700 rubles! But let’s be objective – the site is full gomno, and will continue it in this article!

Always look lettering with stars
As elsewhere, in this country, the asterisk does not denote good bonuses, but rather, crap full. It happens with this “firmochki” for departure where you will have to pay even if the employee is a woman Martha from next door, and in computer technology she knows as her grandfather, Leonid. Seriously, you need to read always between the lines.

However, taking into account the minimum cost of the work, this is not 700 rubles, and the price (which, incidentally, hangs them on the website) is about 200 rubles. Clarify immediately that the replacement of peripheral devices made… not a damn thing was not made and is not made.

In addition, of course I want to acknowledge the work of the site, namely feedback from customers. As you can see from the screenshot below, you can not even ask a question of the so-called “experts” because these “specialists” even the captcha from Google can not be screwed through the PHP code…. No comments!

As for the comments on the site, then it’s all misery! Will explain my opinion as any other negative (which most judging by their total number – 5 pieces!!!) removed, but the “experts” do not consider that customers can be a lot more popular resources “ownersource”!

Analytics and site statistics
Went to my most favorite time Analytics project (if those can even be called). Opinion about “Consdorf” is that the website is zero, which is evident from the statistics. And then even do not need to explain – zero values wherever possible. Apparently they are still saving not only their employees, but also on itself (to have the site you need the professionals!).

The results
The website, like all the service of computer from the “firmeshki” wants to leave the best in all respects, therefore, addressing them for the free diagnostic, supplies at least 700-1000 R. no way!