Script for RoboTask – insert HTML tag to the clipboard

It is very common for webmasters to insert the various HTML tags, and modify them, but sometimes they need to perform these operations continuously, which increases the time to work on projects. For these cases, and established RoboTask. It allows to reduce time and increase the productivity of the site administrator.
вставка тега HTML в буфер обмена

To create a script, you need to click on the button add action (it is located in the upper left corner of the app screen).
Then you must set the action to first window with the program is minimized to tray and does not interfere with further work. After this, cut out the text with a special function, or using CTRL + X.
In principle, the above operation is not as important as you can do without them.
Create a variable for the local destination and enter the data into start tag – this can be any tag. Also, do not forget to put the value of variable name, since we will need it in the future. For example, I have this variable will be called “TAGOPEN”.
Create a similar variable, but for the closing tag. Call it “TAGCLOSE”.
Next we set a variable that will combine our previous variables and adds to them the contents cut or copied text. To do this, substitute the tags at the beginning and the end of the row, and inside it place the text. Thus, we will receive any text, framed by our tags.
Now you need to copy and paste a ready piece of text. To do this, we’ll take it from the newly created variable.

вставка тега HTML в буфер обмена