Ночной режим / Night mode

We proceed to the consideration panel Color in Adobe Photoshop. This panel is intended to select a certain color.

Панель Color в Adobe Photoshop

Press F6 and derive our panel on the screen.

Here we see 3 sliders, the bottom panel of the color selection and the left 2 points – Set foreground color and Set background color.

Let us examine in detail each of the items…

As you may have guessed the left panel menu is used for selecting colors foreground and background.

With the sliders a little to the right, you can configure what kind of tint you want.

And finally, the bottom scale is designed for visual selection of colors.

Now go to right menu panel and see what is there…

Point by point:

Grayscale Slider
RGB Sliders
HSB Sliders
CMYK Sliders
Lab Sliders
Web Color Sliders
Copy Color as HTML
Copy Color’s Hex Code
RGB Spectrum
CMYK Spectrum
Grayscale Ramp
Current Colors
Make Ramp Web Safe
Close Tab Group