Ночной режим / Night mode

How to change hair color in Adobe Photoshop using adjustment layers will be discussed in today’s lesson.

To start to define what color should be your hair after editing. If it’s a tan, that is fine, the following method.

Take a photo in which you want to change the color of the hair.

In order to change the color to blue, yellow, red, it will take us a little time.

Take the tool the Polygonal Lasso Tool and begin to highlight the area around the hair.

Now leave selected, press CTRL+J to create new layer from the newly formed selection.

Take the eraser and remove unnecessary elements from the hair on a new layer.

Then, if you want to do natural blonde from dyed, you can use the levels:

Create an adjustment layer by clicking on the button in the layers panel.
Move the dark slider to the right (to white was even whiter)

We have the following picture.

But I think it is better to dye your hair a more natural color, say, blue…

To do this, go to the layers panel and create another adjustment layer, this time Hue/Saturation.

Set the required values for each of the parameters, not forgetting to tick Colorize.


As you may have guessed, the color can be changed to any other than black because it will look ashy, but rather as gray hair.

Therefore, for such purposes, use the following method.

Create 3 duplicate layers of hair, hide the original, because then it could come in handy.

Translate data 3 layer in black and white, highlighting each one and pressing CTRL + SHIFT + U. This action is intended for bleaching of the image.

Now create the missing adjustment layers, namely: Brightness/Contrast and Curves.

Next, remove the visibility with adjustment layers Hue/Saturation and Levels.

Layers of hair put in overlay mode: the top two Multiply and last in Soft Light.

As you can see from the above image, the hair we dyed it gray, but not black.

To fix this, and include the newly created custom adjustment layers curves and brightness. You can also use an adjustment layer of levels, if the hair is too bright, as in my example.

Don’t forget to include our color layer to remove the black-and-white layers are the elements that must remain in the original, i.e., here we need to erase dark hair barrette in the shape of a flower.